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Do I need to be at the inspection?

It is not necessary for you to be present during the inspection, however you are welcome to be there if you wish. The inspector will be focused strongly on the inspection so that they can complete their work in the given time frame and sometimes interruptions during the inspection can make it difficult to do so. You will receive a phone call after the inspection is completed and you will be given a verbal rundown on the findings. You will then receive a comprehensive detailed report via email together with pictures of the car and any faults found, in most cases 25-50 pictures via email.

If you looking for pre purchase car inspections in the Sydney area you can visit and they will look after you.


How long does the inspection take?

Our inspections can take from 1 to 3 hours depending on the type and condition of the vehicle and the level of inspection you have chosen.


We’re looking for a mobile roadworthy certificate

Great!  We would recommend you visit our partner site here for roadworthy certificates for all kinds of vehicles


Do you go to private homes for inspections?

Yes, we provide a mobile service. We can go to a home, work place or car dealership for the inspection.


How much notice do you need to conduct an inspection?

Depending on the location of the vehicle in most cases 1 day notice is adequate and sometimes it can be the same day.


I am looking to purchase a late model Mercedes Benz or BMW, are you familiar with these types of cars?

Yes, in fact we specialise in prestige European vehicles and we guarantee to detect any body repairs.


Why use you and not your local mechanic?

Firstly, we’re full time vehicle inspection specialists. It’s what we do. And if you want the best advice you go to the experts. All our inspectors are fully qualified mechanics and vehicle inspectors. Your local mechanic may not be and are unlikely to have our depth of vehicle inspecting experience.

Secondly, State Roads is an independent third party. Our objective is to give you a fair, accurate and unbiased assessment of the mechanical condition of your vehicle. Our job ends there. We have nothing to gain from subsequent mechanical repairs and are therefore your most trustworthy source for independent mechanical assessments.


How do you compare with other inspection companies?

We believe that we are the only company that inspects and comments on 250+ items on the vehicle, competitors may claim they do the same however dont be fooled always ask for a sample report and compare for yourself. We have been the industry leaders in vehicle inspections for over 25 years, well before some of our competitors began trading, infact a number of our competitors began as inspectors with us and could not meet our expectations. We put our money where our mouth is and give you a warranty with the inspection, reason is that we are confident in our work together with our hand picked and trained ‘A’ grade mechanics combined with 25 years of vehicle inspection experience and training, puts us ahead in a league of our own.


Can you do a diagnostic scan on the vehicles on board computer systems?

Yes, all our Platinum checks come standard with a full diagnostic scan or this can be added to any inspection for an additional charge. Also please be aware that we do a full vehicle diagnostic scan not just the engine as some others do.


Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, we not only guarantee what the inspectors findings are, in addition some of our inspections include a 30 day $500.00 warranty. See terms and conditions for more detail.


Do you carry your own insurance?

Yes, all our inspectors are fully insured at the work location and during the road test.


Can you do Classic or Muscle car Inspections

Definately yes, not only do we inspect classics but we have specific training for classics. Left hand drive or right hand drive if the car has been converted to right hand drive, we can tell you if its a good conversion or not. Engine and driveline conversions, has the body been rusted and not repaired properly, or full of bog, bare metal resprays we check all of this plus lots more.


Do you inspect Campervans and Motorhomes

Yes we not only inspect the base vehicle as part of our inspection, we also can inspect the superstructure including signs of water leaks, rott, cracks, and all components like water heaters, showers, grey black tanks, 240 volt components etc.